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GM Initiatives for the Takata Airbag Recall

  • Ensure all affected owners are aware that their vehicle has an open Takata Airbag Safety Recall through direct mailings, emails, live phone calls, automated phone calls, text messages, online messaging and special events. If you would like to receive updates on the Takata Airbag Safety Recall, you can visit the GM Owner Center so that you can provide your contact information.
  • Notify drivers of the affected vehicles by partnering with:

○ The Department of Motor Vehicles in select states

○ GM Dealerships

○ GM entities

  • Search for affected vehicles that are for sale by collaborating with online used car listing services, GM will be leveraging multiple online services to identify the location of recalled vehicles that are in transition of ownership. GM will reach out to the seller directly to arrange for repair prior to resale.
  • Accurately track vehicles that have been scrapped or salvaged and are off the road by utilizing the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System to identify those that are “out of transit.”
  • Make owners aware of this urgent safety recall by serving up online advertising to affected owners when they are engaging online.
  • Bring repairs to the owner instead of the owner coming to the dealer. In select markets, GM has worked with a third-party mobile repair entity that allows owners to have their vehicles repaired for FREE at home, work or other convenient locations.
  • Generate awareness at independent repair facilities with display and shop communications. The Takata Airbag Safety Recall affects drivers of older vehicle models who often service their vehicles at smaller, independent repair facilities; they may miss alerts and repairs of safety recalls they would typically get from a dealership. To help alert these owners, GM provides materials to be posted in repair shops’ waiting areas and employee areas.
    Help owners schedule their FREE repair with personalized live calls. GM has launched a live phone call pilot program that provides personalized service to owners so that they understand the urgent nature of this recall and schedule their FREE appointment. Agents at the call center work closely with dealers to identify unrepaired owners, and then follow up with the owners to get a repair scheduled. If you would like to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please call 1-866-467-9700.
  • Get parts closer to where they are needed. GM now has parts nationwide at GM Parts Distribution Centers, which means dealers get parts quickly and owners can repair their vehicles sooner.
  • Re-engage with owners that have recently searched their VIN on GM Owner Center or engaged with outbound email communications, providing additional support and service scheduling.
  • Confirm or update owner information whenever possible by including a Customer Feedback section in GM communications. This gives owners the opportunity to update their information, so GM knows where and how to contact them in the future. It will also help GM keep track of who currently owns the affected vehicle.
  • Develop a program to send dealer communications to affected owners using the dealers’ own format and contact information where available to help get these vehicles repaired.
  • Use multiple data sources to find better contact information for owners, including physical address, email address and phone number. GM continues to look for “best-in-class” data so we can contact owners effectively.
  • Go door to door to contact owners through canvassing efforts in select markets to let them know that their vehicle is affected and to schedule a FREE recall repair immediately.