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With parts made specifically for your vehicle’s model and expert technicians trained with GM’s latest technology, you can count on your local Certified Service provider for seamless care.

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

Bringing your GM vehicle in for regular inspections helps to keep it in great shape for every adventure down the road.

Oil Change

Regular oil changes with the correct type of oil are important to help keep your GM vehicle running smoothly.


The Certified Service experts at your local dealer can help you assess tire wear and recommend replacement options for your vehicle.


Whether your brake pads are squealing or just need a checkup, Certified Service experts will assess their performance in depth and make necessary repairs.


Your GM vehicle’s battery powers everything from lights to infotainment, so it’s crucial to check battery performance regularly with your local Certified Service experts and replace it when needed.

Engines and Transmissions

With vehicle technology constantly evolving, you can rely on Certified Service technicians to continuously adapt standards to their engine and transmission repair process and diagnostics.

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A GM vehicle empowers you to take on the open road with confidence, style and cutting-edge technology you can rely on — behind the wheel and beyond.

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Our innovative vehicle data connection allows you, your vehicle and the dealership to seamlessly communicate, providing information for an accurate diagnosis before you even arrive.

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